The Greedy Dog Story which is one of the most popular children’s stories. This is a story about a dog who is starving. The Greedy Dog is so faithful and once he is awarded but…

Let’s read the story of ‘The Greedy Dog’.

Once upon a time there was a faithful dog who worked hard with his master throughout the day. He helped his master in hunting and fetched him everything he ordered. In the night he was hungry and asked his master for food. His master was a generous man. He said, “You have always served me well. And today also you had been very helpful to me. I will give you a large chunk of meat. Here, take this as your reward.

The dog took the meat happily in his mouth and walked by the river to eat in a peace. While passing by the river, he felt as if someone else was walking inside the river just beside him. He looked in the river and saw another dog with a handsome chunk of meat in his mouth.

The Greedy Dog
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He wanted to ask him who he was. But because he was having the peace of meat in his mouth, he thought it is better not to say anything. However, he was filled with greed. It seemed to him tht the other dog was having a bigger and more delicious piece of meat than himself.

How come that dog is having a better dinner than me? I want that meat too, thought the dog.

The went near the river and looked at him anger. He snapped at the other dog to grab his piece of meat, but instead it made him drop his dinner into the river and he was left with nothing at all. He howled in despair and had to sleep without any dinner that night. He promised to always remain content with whatever little he had and never to be greedy again.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of the story is “We should not be greedy”. Greed is a curse and will make us do things that are not the right choices. Greed makes us selfish, short-tempered, anxious, and also jealous of others. It is foolish to be greedy in life. One must be content with what one has and not tempted by the possession of others. Greed stops us from welcoming challenges and gifts with courage and wisdom. Greed shrouds our minds and blocks us from seeing the actual value of things. It is wrong to be tempted by the possession of others and seek it. We must work hard to earn what we want and be satisfied with what we have.

Bedtime stories with morals or lessons are a great way to teach good habits to children. It is a great way to nurture them and develop their personality, which will help them become strong characters in the future. Stories could be the foundation of creating a personality in a child that will make an impression on their adults and peers.

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