People say one-sided love is pure and it’s right from the core of the heart. To let the other people tear, break or kill you in the process of love is not called being madly in love it’s called being blinded in love.

 Inspirational Story
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Inspirational Story

It was the wedding day of Maya. She was sitting in her room, along with her sisters, all giggling and teasing the bride. After her sisters went out to see the baraat, in comes Abhay, her best friend from her school-days. She turns to the opposite side of the mirror as he comes in his grey coat. His presence was unusual as he messaged her about his inability to come.

Maya: “And so finally, you came here?”

Abhay: “I had to, your wedding is something I’ve been waiting for and for your information, aunty called me, so there was a no chance of saying no.”

Maya: “And how am I looking?”

Abhay: “I am thinking ki kidnap kar le chale tujhe, seedhe mandap se, dulha yeh dekhkar hi sadme se mar jaegaa waise peeche ka darwaza khula hai, chaaho to bhaag chale yahaan se”(I am thinking to kidnap you from the wedding stage, the groom will die of shock, by the way the back door is open, we can run from here if you wish”).

Maya: Zyaada Rockstar waala Jordan na ban tu, ek thappad marungi…” (don’t act like Janardan from Rockstar, I’ll slap you..) and she starts laughing.

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He poured what was in his heart, she never realised it, neither previously nor on her wedding day, for cryptic things are something reserved for symbologist. Maybe he said that in a funny banter the things that are normally being said by people in a very serious way and we have all seen this in our daily life, in music videos, movies, books, but their friendship was never tested in that sea of seriousness.

Deep down in his heart, his helplessness erupted, he wanted to cry, but seeing that smile on her face, he forgot everything. He clicked a picture of her, in order to feel someone’s company when no-one will be there for him. They started to giggle on the past memories: the looting of tiffin, the bus-ride menaces till Maya’s sister and relatives come to take her to mandap. Abhay accompanied her and giving the excuse of going to washroom, he fled from the scene. Maybe crying, maybe smiling, maybe both, who knows.

And that’s how our hero’s one-sided love story ends. On the list of losers, maybe we’ll see his name.

Inspirational Story

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