Marketing Awareness General Knowledge Questions are arranged on this page. You need to practice the Marketing Awareness General Knowledge Quiz and know the answers to all the questions. Various competitive exams are placing a major importance on marketing awareness in order to see the knowledge of individual on Marketing.

Do you ever think of a magical quiz which is a superb mantra for getting success in any competitive field? This page provides that Quiz on Marketing Awareness which is very helpful for the individuals to crack any exams effortlessly and easily. There several competitional exams that possess this marketing awareness such as Bank Exams like IBPS, SBI, PO CLERK, LIC. So to have better knowledge of it we are providing “Marketing Awareness Quiz “to crack any exam easily.

Marketing Awareness Questions:

Q.1. Which among the following helps a marketer to help the product occupy a distinct and valued place in the target customer’s mind? 

a) Pricing
b) Promotion
c) Positioning
d) Advertisement
e) Display

Q.2. DSA Means –

a) District sales Authority
b) Direct Selling Agent
c) Distributor and Sales agent
d) None of these
e) All of these

Q.3. The study of human population in terms of size, density, age, gender, race, occupation and other statistics is called 

a) Geothermy 
b) Demography
c) Ethnography 
d) Geography 
e) None of these

Q.4. Motivation means _.

a) Inspiring employees to perform better
b) Better communication skills
c) Sales coaching 
d) Market research 
e) None of these

Q.5. Which among the following is not an example of convenience goods?

a) Tea 
b) Newspaper 
c) Coffee 
d) Shirts 
e) None of these

Q.6. Bank Marketing is treated as –

a) Transaction marketing
b) Service marketing
c) Indoor marketing
d) all of these
e) None of these

Q.7. Effective marketing helps in-

a) Developing new products
b) Creating a competitive environment
c) Building demand for product
d) All of these
e) None of these

Q.8. A method in which brand equity is measured by comparing difference between the retail price of the brand and the retail price of an unbranded product in same category is called-

a) Brand goodwill method
b) price premium method
c) Production method
d) Both 1 and 2
e) Neither 1 nor 2

Q.9. In banks loans and advances are considered as-

a) Assets 
b) liabilities
c) Resources 
d) cause of expenditure
e) None of these

Q.10. The marketing is the art of __

a) Product Protection
b) Buying Product
c) Selling Product
d) None of these
e) All of these

Marketing Awareness Answers:

Q.1 c) Positioning
Q.2 b) Direct Selling Agent
Q.3 b) Demography
Q.4 a) Inspiring employees to perform better
Q.5 d) Shirts 
Q.6 b) Service marketing
Q.7 d) All of these
Q.8 b) price premium method
Q.9 a) Assets 
Q.10 c) Selling Product

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