Marketing Awareness General Knowledge Questions are arranged on this page. You need to practice the Marketing Awareness General Knowledge Quiz and know the answers to all the questions. Various competitive exams are placing a major importance on marketing awareness in order to see the knowledge of individual on Marketing.

Do you ever think of a magical quiz which is a superb mantra for getting success in any competitive field? This page provides that Quiz on Marketing Awareness which is very helpful for the individuals to crack any exams effortlessly and easily. There several competitional exams that possess this marketing awareness such as Bank Exams like IBPS, SBI, PO CLERK, LIC. So to have better knowledge of it we are providing “Marketing Awareness Quiz “to crack any exam easily.

Marketing Awareness Questions:

Q.1. Which among the following is oldest variable of market segmentation? 

a) Geography
b) Demography
c) Psychography
d) General Lifestyle
e) Sociomapping

Q.2. Sales promotion involves, the incorrect option-

a) Building product awareness
b) Creating interest
c) Providing Intonation
d) Designing new product
e) None of these

Q.3. A _ is a name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of these that identified the market or seller of a product or service-

a) Product feature 
b) Sponsorship
c) Brand 
d) Logo
e) None of these

Q.4. Marketing plan helps in _.

a) Better lead generation 
b) Better systems
c) Better results 
d) Better customer service
e) All of the above

Q.5. A marketing technique where marketer plays a specific role in a particular segment is called –

a) Mass Marketing 
b) Niche marketing 
c) Strategic Marketing 
d) Communication Marketing 
e) None of these

Q.6. “Conversion” in sales language means –

a) Converting a buyer into a seller
b) Converting a seller into a buyer
c) Converting a prospect into customer
d) All of these
e) None of these

Q.7. Market expansion means-

a) Hiring more staff
b) Buying more products
c) firing more staff
d) Buying more companies
e) None of these

Q.8. ‘Casual’ research is basically concerned with-

a) Establishing cause and effort relationship
b) Arriving at a forecast or prediction of interest.
c) measuring and estimating the frequencies with which of things occur
d) all of above
e) None of these

Q.9. Acid Test of a brand is-

a) Brand preference 
b) Brand awareness
c) Brand loyalty 
d) Brand equity 
e) Band acceptability

Q.10. Which is the assumption of Social marketing?

a) Long term profit
b) Long run satisfaction of customer
c) Social Performance
d) Social welfare
e) All of these

Marketing Awareness Answers:

Q.1 a) Geography
Q.2 d) Designing new product
Q.3 c) Brand 
Q.4 e) All of the above
Q.5 b) Niche marketing 
Q.6 c) Converting a prospect into customer
Q.7 e) None of these
Q.8 a) Establishing cause and effort relationship
Q.9 c) Brand loyalty 
Q.10 d) Social welfare

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