Are you getting Bored ?

Hello all, I would like you all to take a break with me. I want you to stay at home and make the most of this quarantine, wherever you are.

Now, one thing that I know that’s true is that location has energy. Considering as we are spending a lot more time indoors then we used to. I want to help you create spaces that are full of positivity, calm and great energy.

COVID-19: Quarantine at Home
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Now, you might be wondering, how do you create a space that has thankful and grateful energy? Well, a lot of us have a lot more time now, and we can dive into those photo galleries, physical or digital, and organize and create slideshows, slideshows of things we are grateful for, the travel we have done, the vacations we have been on and the people in our lives.

For eg, the photo of your wedding, or your birthday or the most exciting vacation with friends or families. Like, it may be trips that you have been on and people that you can’t see or be with right now. Be creative these slideshows allow us to take a trip down memory lane.

And it just brings you a sense of deep gratitude for all the incredible places you have been to, the incredible memories in your life. Even if you can’t be there right now, you can love back on the last years and relive those memories. And the best thing you can do is send that slideshow to a friend to remind them as well.

Are you working from home?

Now, I know that a lot of us are having to be working from home, being really productive and creative. It’s so important that our workspace is tidy and clean and organized in a space that there’s no clutter and there’s no mess. Uh… all right. Wait. One sec. it’s unclean? Clean it first!

Like I said, when we want to be focused and effective from home, it’s really important that we have a clean, tidy, organized, decluttered space. It’s said that a decluttered space makes space for a decluttered mind. So when our outside is messy and untidy, that creates more noise in the inside of our mind. So when we are working, we all get distracted, right?

Everyone gets caught watching videos or you get messages on a thread. So I keep this timer with me and I turn it over, every time I get distracted. I allow myself this much time to be distracted. And as soon as the time is up, I get back to work.

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How about doing some meditation this quarantine? So, I am going to show you how to create a meditation and calm energy space in a corner of your home or apartment. So here’s how it works. A little meditation space created very simply with a bit of greenery.

Any plants that you have in your space are great so that you are around nature. Just having some candles around you – scent like eucalyptus, lavender can be really calming and relaxing for your body and mind. So they are great to be around.

And the third thing you need is music. Calm mind and music in quarantine that’s all you need! Its sight, scents and sounds. So you have got the nature for the sights, the plants, the scents you have got the candle and then sounds, you want to put on nature sounds – ocean sounds, relaxing, calming music that you can breathe in alignment with. And the final space I want you to have indoors is a space that you feel energetic where you can work out and stay healthy.

Author: Ankita Mundhra

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