Solar Rooftop Scheme: Due to inflation in our country, the common man is facing a lot of trouble. The prices of everything in the country are increasing a lot day by day. And in this summer season, the demand for electricity is also increasing day by day. But the common man is becoming quite difficult to pay hefty electricity bills for his domestic use. But our government has come up with a good alternative to solar energy for this problem.

solar rooftop scheme
Solar Panel alternative electricity source – Concept Image of Sustainable Resources

Solar energy is less expensive than electrical energy. This solar energy can be used for domestic purpose as well as for commercial purpose. Let’s know the complete information about solar rooftop yojana. In order to promote the use of solar energy in the country, the Government of India has launched the Solar Rooftop Scheme with the help of the State Government. The government aims to achieve 100 GW of solar power capacity by 2022. Out of this, 40 GW of energy will be acquired from the solar rooftop system.

Solar Rooftop Yojana

Solar Rooftop Yojana is used for various purposes. A big advantage of this system is that it only takes up small space and generates electricity that can be used for different tasks.

The benefits of solar rooftop yojana to those using this solar power system are only 6. 50 kWh will have to be paid which is much less than that of diesel generators and normal electricity. This keeps the environment quite pure resulting in a reduction of about 60 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. So in the end it is safe for both the environment and health.

The government has launched this scheme for some states of the country. These states include several northeastern states including Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep which can get up to 70% off on installation of solar system. Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme has been implemented for domestic, industrial and social sectors etc. Along with this, you can also take advantage of this scheme in the commercial sector. For this, the central government provides a budget of Rs 600 crore to Rs 5,000 crore.

Apply solar rooftop yojana 2022 online

First of all, visit the official website of solar rooftop subsidy
After that, the home page of the portal will open.
Now in the new tab, the link will open on clicking on the State Wise Solar Discom portal.
Now the home page of the State Electricity Board will open.
Then click on the Solar Registration option.
Then enter all the details asked here.
Then click submit.
Then pay online.

In solar subsidy scheme, free electricity is available for 20 years, in solar subsidy scheme, 5 to 6 years of expenses need to be paid.

After that, you get free electricity for 20 years. After that you have to talk to your nearest electricity office and for more information the candidate the official website. You have to go to in.

Solar Rooftop Calculator

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