Zero investment Business Idea: A lot of young people in India are looking for a business plan in zero investment or low investment. Thousands of startups are starting every day. We always say that the chances of success of a business that tells the solution to the problem are very high.

Business Idea

Today we will discuss such a business idea, in which there is no need to run any machine or make any effort to make and sell the product. From just one room, 20 – 25 thousand rupees can be easily earned from a month.

Business Idea: Uploading videos to YouTube

Young people who do not have large capital to invest in business. The fathers of most of them have built a good house to live in. A floor has also been created for the tenant so that there is some additional income. If there is no extra room, you can rent a room.

The average rent of 1 room is 5 thousand rupees per month in India. But more than 15 to 20 thousand rupees per month can be earned from this waist. There are many video platforms running in India. Hundreds of video makers in every city are uploading their videos to YouTube. There are some entertainments.

Some are sharing knowledge and some teachers are running their classes. All you have to do is turn one of your rooms into a studio for YouTube videos. There is no need for a camera because nowadays everyone has their own mobile phone. All you have to do is put up a tripod.

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Green fabric for some nice lights, a digital board and croma. If you want, you can paint one wall of the room green. Windows for nice cancellation can be closed with thermocol. That’s enough to create and upload videos to YouTube.

At the rate of Rs. 100 per hour, if you at least work for 8 hours a day, you can easily earn Rs. 800 per day. In this way, you can easily earn 24 thousand rupees per month.

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