Universal Account Number (UAN) is a 12 digit number which is provided to each member of the Employees’ Provided Fund Organisation (EPFO) through which he can manage his PF accounts. This number is issued by the Ministry of Employment and Labour under the Government of India. It helps the person to get all Provided Fund (PF) information in one place irrespective of the organization he works for.

The PF unified online portal was launched in 2014, to help PF members avail online services for their PF withdrawal, UAN generate, passbook download, etc. But for this to happen, each PF member needs a UAN for his account. Previously, PF accounts of members who had left PF before 2014, did not have the UAN generate option. But now, this is possible. But this feature is only available on the Employer’s Portal. So as an employee member, you will have to take your employer’s assistance to get your UAN generate done.

Steps for UAN generate for PF accounts prior to 2014:

Step 1: Login to employer portal with login details.

Step – 2 Go to drop-down list under Member on menu bar tab and further click on the option, UAN allotment for existing member.

UAN allotment
UAN allotment

Step – 3: Then enter the employee’s PF Member ID in the Search bar and click on search. The PF account member linked to that employee will automatically appear on the screen.

Step – 4: You need to fill in all the unavailable member information, such as employee’s exit date for EPF and EPS, exit reason, Aadhaar Number, etc. Next, Tick on check box and click on Save. A window will appear to ask, Are you sure you want to save the member detail? Click on OK.

Similarly, multiple employee details can be entered and edited. Once you are sure that all details are correct, select the member entries and click on Approve. A window appears to ask, Are you sure you want to approve selected members? Click on OK.

Now a prompt will appear saying, UAN has been successfully allocated for member(s), click here to view allocated UAN. Click to find the new UAN generate for the member.

Note: For some ex-employee members, a lot of information might be missing from the portal. These need to be confirmed with the employee and updated on the portal to generate UAN.

After knowing the UAN, you need to activate it. Learn the process of UAN activation How to activate UAN online?

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5 thoughts on “How to generate UAN for old EPF account prior 2014”
  1. I worked in Bangalore during the period 2006 to 2008. Thereafter I left the job for two years of study. I don’t know where my PF for the said period is lying. I know my Establishment Code and also EPFO nRegion and Zone. How can I transfer the amount in my new UAN. Thanks.

  2. i m pf account holder before 2014, when i enter member id details to allotment of uan ….after submiting its shows my basic details like name dob etc is missing..what to do sir…can i take your guidance for the same..


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