Hello! I think it’s great that you want to establish your own fashion style! Here are a few tips I would like to give you:

Summer Fashion Style

Make sure it’s YOU:

What I mean is don’t try to be someone else, be comfortable with who you are, not only with your clothing, but with all aspects of your life. Your choice in clothing reflects who you are and people can get a better impression of what you are really like. It is totally okay to look at other’s outfits and try to find pieces like that, you simply want to compliment their look, and they are guiding you through your journey to find your style. Just make sure not to turn your wardrobe into theirs.

Claudia Sampedro's Feet << wikiFeet

When Your Clothes order arrives and everything looks great and you don’t have to return anything…

Make sure it’s comfortable:

Now, everyone has their own idea about what is comfortable. In my case, I enjoy romping around the house in sweatpants and old P.E shorts. Others may like form-fitted clothing, and others may enjoy wearing certain colors. Make sure you like what you are wearing and you feel confident doing so.

You may not get it on your first try:

It usually takes a while to find what you really like, and what you don’t. Like another answer said, finding your fashion style is essentially experimenting. When you shop, ask yourself “what can I match this with?” or “does this piece make me feel happy?”. Soon enough, you will be able to choose what you want and what you don’t.

Skinny Jeans Or Flare Jeans

For when you can’t decide if you should wear skinny jeans or flare jeans

Don’t buy your wardrobe because of trends:

Trends come and go, but your clothing is forever (just kidding, but you should be keeping some of the same pieces for a couple of years). But seriously, a trend is not going to last forever, and you will feel “out of style” if you build your whole closet based on the hot new fashion.

Have some staple pieces:

Personally, I would suggest at least two pairs of good-quality jeans (perhaps black and your favorite shade of blue), some plain t-shirts in whatever cut you want, a jacket that will go with any outfit (suggested colors: black, gray and white) and some good shoes. It is better to spend a little more money on good-quality clothes that will last for years, than to let cheaply-made clothing vaccum your earnings.

Ask people what they think:

Asking simple questions such as “how do I look?” or “do I look okay?” to a loved one or family member can let you know if they like your new look or not. My mother has helped point out some mistakes in my outfits, such as the need to roll up my sleeves, the incorrect number of buttons buttoned, and more feedback that has made my outfits look much better.

Make sure it fits right:

If you can hardly breathe or you have to walk stiffly, then your outfit is most likely too tight. If you are practically swimming in your shirts or pants, you might come off as a bit sloppy. Remember, there is a fime line between relaxed and lazy. But again, everyone has their own opinions.

Dress for the right occassions:

a) If it is winter where you live, it is not advised to go out in shorts and a tank top.

b) If it is summer, then a hoodie and fuzzy pants will make you sweat a lot.

c) If you are going to a dinner party or work, sweatpants and a t-shirt will be frowned upon.

d) If you are lounging around your house, you probably wouldn’t enjoy kicking back in jeans.

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Casual Clothes | fashion style

When it’s casual Friday and you get to show your coworkers how laid back and fun you can be with your casual clothes.

I Stay safe! Stay positive! Have a great day/night! 😀

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