When it comes to business, everyone thinks that they do not have to lose their capital by doing business. But this way of thinking is absolutely wrong. If the business is done properly and thoughtfully, then millions can be earned. It doesn’t matter if you live in a city or a village.

Here we are going to tell about a business that the youth of the village can also start. Actually, the demand for this business is the highest in the city, but you can supply your goods in the city by setting up a unit in the city and earn big money.

Build a small factory in the village, thousands of people will be born every day.

This is a great disposable paper cup business idea that can help you achieve financial freedom and save the environment as well. You can earn around 75 lakh rupees per year from this venture with a profit of about 9 thousand rupees per month. Nowadays, the demand for paper cups is particularly high, mainly due to reducing the use of plastic and reducing pollution.

The government is helping with policies and schemes to promote this business and reduce plastic pollution. To start this business you need to provide the necessary equipment to make paper cups, such as paper cup machines, raw and shredded paper, and art and human resources to design cups.

The choice of your machine When considering starting your cup or tumbler business, you have to make an important decision between two unique options. The first option is to buy a similar cup or glass making machine, which will cost you 2 to 2.5 lakh rupees. The second option is to choose different types of cup making machines, for which you will have to spend Rs 8-10 lakh.

If you choose the same type of cup or tumbler making machine, your investment will be less, but this may limit your business, as your revenue will depend on only one type of product. Conversely, if you choose different cup making machines,

So your investment will be higher, but you will have more ways and you can make more types of disposable cups. If everything goes well, you can create more variants. Disposable cups per month. You can earn up to 75 thousand rupees.

No need to think about investment. Because 25% of the total investment amount has to be invested from your pocket, the remaining 75% requirement can be met in the form of capital loan (Mudra loan). If you are also planning to get into this business, then you can take a loan of lakhs by applying for the Modi Government’s Mudra Loan Scheme.

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