English Aptitude Questions – One Word Substitution Questions Answers (MCQ) of English Aptitude are important for BANK PO, Clerk, IBPS, SBI-PO, RBI, MBA, MAT, CAT, IIFT, IGNOU, SSC CGL, CBI, CPO, CLAT, CTET, NDA, CDS, Specialist Officers and other competitive exams.

One Word Substitution: Substitutes are the words that replace a collection of words or a complete sentence in such a way to achieve the desired result without creating any confusion. Aspirants need to select a single word or phrase which means most suitable for the given idiomatic phrase.



1. One who believes in God.

A. agnostic
B. theist
C. secularist
D. devotee

2. A sneering person who always finds faults.

A. crone
B. cupid
C. cynic
D. kleptomaniac

3. Something that cannot be taken away.

A. legible
B. edible
C. natural
D. inalienable

4. Words inscribed on a tomb.

A. honour
B. memento
C. lyric
D. epitaph

5. A decision on which all are agreed.

A. confession
B. unanimous
C. obsolete
D. anonymous

6. A person who can be cheated easily.

A. egoist
B. client
C. credulous
D. faithful

7. One who cuts precious stones.

A. drover
B. oculist
C. philatelist
D. lapidist

8. A commonplace remark.

A. epigram
B. remark
C. statement
D. Platitude

9. A long journey, especially by sea.

A. safari
B. voyage
C. flight
D. odyssey

10. A speech made to oneself.

A. speech
B. intercourse
C. dialogue
D. soliloquy


Q.1. B. theist
Q.2. C. secularist
Q.3. D. inalienable
Q.4. D. epitaph
Q.5. B. unanimous
Q.6. C. credulous
Q.7. D. lapidist
Q.8. D. Platitude
Q.9. B. voyage
Q.10. D. soliloquy

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