Current Affair Questions for OSSSC Junior Assistant / Panchayat Officer

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Current Affairs 2023

Q.1 Which portal is launched by Central Bureau of Narcotics to simplify the licensing and EXIM authorizations?
a) Ice Gate 2.0 Portal
b) Unified Portal of Central Bureau of Narcotics
c) Adarsh Seva Portal
d) Nav Nirman Portal

Q.2 What is “Colistin”, which is in the news recently?
a) Antibiotic drug
b) Ayurvedic Medicine
c) Covid variant
d) Fungi

Q.3 Which space agency has released the image of Crab Nebula?
b) European Space Agency
c) Roscosmos

Q.4 Where is Zojila tunnel being constructed?
a) Himachal Pradesh
b) Assam
c) Arunachal Pradesh
d) Jammu and Kashmir

Q.5 Incident and Trafficking Database (ITDB) is the information database of which international organisation?
a) World Bank
b) Bank for International Settlement
c) International Atomic Energy Agency
d) Central Bureau of Indirect Taxes and Excise+

Q.6 District Disability Rehabilitation centre (DDRC)’ is an initiative of which Union Ministry?
a) Union Social Justice and Empowerment
b) Union Law and Justice
c) Union Science and Technology
d) Union Health and Family Welfare

Q.7 Which city is the host of ‘Global Clean Energy Action Forum’?
a) New Delhi
b) Pittsburg
c) Paris
d) Rome

Q.8 Which state has announced to set up NITI Aayog-like state-level institution?
a) Kerala
b) Maharashtra
c) Telangana
d) West Bengal

Q.9 As of 2022, which country is the largest bilateral lender to Sri Lanka?
a) China
b) India
c) Australia
d) USA

Q.10 Who is the first Indian to win four medals at World Wrestling Championships?
a) Vinesh Phogat
b) Bajrang Punia
c) Babita kumari
d) Gita Phogat


Q.1 b) Unified Portal of Central Bureau of Narcotics

Notes: The Unified Portal of Central Bureau of Narcotics has been launched by the Central Bureau of Narcotics with an objective to simplify the licensing and ExIM authorizations issued by the Bureau. The portal was launched by the Revenue Secretary Shri Sanjay Malhotra.
The unified portal would enhance the efficiency, transparency and accountability in department users, with two-fold objectives: cater the need of pharma and chemical industry; ensure availability of the “essential narcotic drugs” and medicines.

Q.2 a) Antibiotic drug

Notes: Colistin is an antibiotic drug which is used to treat bacterial infections caused by susceptible Gram negative bacteria. Generally, it is used as a last resort when all other drugs do not respond. It is also called as polymyxin E
Recently, researchers in Los Angeles of USA have found bacteria that resist this drug in the US county’s wastewaters.

Q.3 d) NASA

Notes: Crab Nebula is a supernova remnant and pulsar wind nebula found in the Taurus constellation, which is located 6500 light-years from Earth.
Its image which was captured using Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) spacecraft was released by NASA. Using the IXPE, Scientists have mapped the iconic Crab Nebula’s magnetic field in greater detail than ever before.

Q.4 d) Jammu and Kashmir

Notes: The Zojila Tunnel, which would be Asia’s longest tunnel once completed, is being constructed in Jammu & Kashmir to establish all weather connectivity for Ladakh. 19 tunnels are being constructed in Jammu and Kashmir at a cost of Rs.25000 crore, of which the major one is the Zojila Tunnel.
With the construction of this 14.15 km tunnel, there will be all-weather connectivity for Ladakh, which will cut down travel time to cross the Zojila Pass from three hours to 20 minutes.

Q.5 c) International Atomic Energy Agency

Notes: Incident and Trafficking Database (ITDB) is International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA’s) information system of incidents of unauthorized activates and illicit trafficking involving radioactive materials outside the purview of regulatory control.
As per the recently released annual fact sheet of ITDB a total of 146 incidents of illegal or unauthorized activities involving nuclear and other radioactive material were reported in the year 2022.

Q.6 a) Union Social Justice and Empowerment

Notes: Union Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Dr. Virendra Kumar virtually inaugurated 9 model District Disability Rehabilitation centres(DDRC), which had been upgrading to model DDRCs. DDRCs were established to provide effective rehabilitation services to the persons with disabilities (PwDs) for the last twenty years.

Q.7 b) Pittsburg

Notes: Union Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh is set to lead an Indian delegation at Global Clean Energy Action Forum at Pittsburg in the US.
Ministers from over 30 countries will participate in the event to discuss ways to accelerate clean energy innovation and deployment.

Q.8 b) Maharashtra

Notes: Maharashtra government has announced that it is planning to set up an institution on the lines of NITI Aayog. The institution would be responsible to perform comprehensive data analysis and make decisions on various sectors in the state. NITI Aayog has also carried out an extensive study on similar issues and developed a tool, where inter-related data from various departments is analysed for a better decision-making process.

Q.9 b) India

Notes: India has become the largest bilateral lender to Sri Lanka by disbursing a total of USD 968 million in loans in four months of 2022, surpassing China.
China has maintained its position as the largest bilateral lender to Sri Lanka in the past five years from 2017 to 2021. Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been the largest multilateral lender in the past five years by disbursing an amount of USD 610 million in 2021.

Q.10 b) Bajrang Punia

Notes: India’s Bajrang Punia recently won bronze in men’s 65 kg category at World Wrestling Championships in Belgrade. With this medal, Bajrang Punia becomes first Indian to win four medals at world wrestling championships. He won bronze in 2013, silver in 2018 and bronze in 2019. Another Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat captured a bronze medal in the women’s 53 kg category.

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