Computer Awareness Questions for OSSSC Junior Assistant / Panchayat Officer

Computer Awareness Questions and Quiz for Junior Assistant, Panchayat Officer, Banking, IBPS, RRB, RBI, SBI, NABARD, RI examinations. Computer awareness mcq and computer knowledge questions answers are important in ssc, upsc, ibps and competitive examination and entrance tests. These questions will help to increase your performance in computer awareness section.


Q.1. What do you use to create a chart?

a) Pie Wizard
b) Excel Wizard
c) Data Wizard
d) Chart Wizard
e) None of these

Q.2. What is the full form of SDRM?

a) Shift Dynamic random access memory
b) Synchronous Dynamic random access memory
c) System Dynamic random access memory
d) Serial Dynamic random access memory
e) None of these

Q.3. The performance of a hard drive or other storage device, meaning how long it takes to locate a file is called?

a) Response time
b) Access Time
c) Quick time
d) Processing time
e) None of these

Q.4. The word bandwidth is also used to mean __?

a) width of the data cable
b) amount of data transferred
c) number of the computers on a particular network
d) Both 1 & 2
e) None of these

Q.5. Which of the following used in programming the first computers?

a) Object code
b) Source code
c) Machine language
d) Assembly language
e) None of these

Q.6. Which of the following transforms input data into output data?

a) Peripherals
b) RAM
c) ROM
d) CPU
e) None of these

Q.7. In computer file systems which among the following is top or first in hierarchy?

a) root directory
b) parent directory
c) home directory
d) working directory
e) None of these

Q.8. Which among the following is not a security/ private risk?

a) Spam
b) Hacking
c) Virus
d) Phishing
e) None of these

Q.9. When using characters in Windows, what code does a window use?


Q.10. To avoid the wastage of memory, the instruction length should be

a) Multiple of character size only
b) Of word size only
c) Of file size only
d) Of word size which is multiple of character size
e) None of these


Q.1 d) Chart Wizard
Q.2 b) Synchronous Dynamic random access memory
Q.3 b) Access Time
Q.4 b) amount of data transferred
Q.5 c) Machine language
Q.6 d) CPU
Q.7 a) root directory
Q.8 a) Spam
Q.10 d) Of word size which is multiple of character size

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