Computer Awareness Questions

Computer Awareness Questions and Quiz for Banking, IBPS, RRB, RBI, SBI, NABARD, RI examinations. Computer awareness mcq and computer knowledge questions answers are important in ssc, upsc, ibps and competitive examination and entrance tests. These questions will help to increase your performance in computer awareness section.

Q.1. _ displays each slide of the PPT as a thumbnail and is used to re-arrange them.

a) Slide Show
b) Slide Display
c) Slide Design
d) Slide Layout
e) Slide Sorter

Q.2. _ are the parallel electrical conducting lines that link different components on the mother board.

a) Buses
b) Conductors
c) Assemblies
d) Connectors
e) None of these

Q.3. The mirror image of the whole hard disk including the OS, applications, files and data is created by a __________.

a) Utility program
b) Driver
c) Backup software
d) OS
e) None of these

Q.4. _________is a point and draw device.

a) Scanner
b) Printer
c) Mouse
d) Keyboard
e) CD- ROM

Q.5. Which of the following deals with data organised in rows and columns?

a) Matrix
b) Spreadsheet
c) Word document
d) PPT
e) MS Paint

Q.6. If you want to find the Paste Special option, you would use the Clipboard group on the tab of PowerPoint _.

a) Home
b) Slideshow
c) Page Layout
d) Design
e) Insert

Q.7. _ are usually downloaded into the folder carrying Temporary Internet Files and are written into the computer by the websites you visit.

a) Anonymous Files
b) Cookies
c) Banner Ads
d) Images
e) History

Q.8. _________refers to the letter and number of the intersecting column and row.

a) Cell address
b) Cell location
c) Cell position
d) Cell column
e) Cell row

Q.9. In a pull down menu if you see that a command appears faded, it means that __

a) the command is not applicable to this document.
b) the command is not accessible at the moment.
c) there are no keystrokes equivalent to those commands.
d) None of these
e) All of these

Q.10. The vast network of computers that connects millions of people all over the world is called _.

a) LAN
b) Web
c) Hypertext
d) Internet
e) None of these


Q.1 e) Slide Sorter
Q.2 a) Buses
Q.3 c) Backup software
Q.4 c) Mouse
Q.5 b) Spreadsheet
Q.6 b) Slideshow
Q.7 b) Cookies
Q.8 a) Cell address
Q.9 b) the command is not accessible at the moment.
Q.10 d) Internet

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