Computer Awareness Questions

Computer Awareness Questions and Quiz for Banking, IBPS, RRB, RBI, SBI, NABARD, RI examinations. Computer awareness mcq and computer knowledge questions answers are important in ssc, upsc, ibps and competitive examination and entrance tests. These questions will help to increase your performance in computer awareness section.

Q.1. An affordable technology that uses existing telephone lines to provide high-speed connections is called __.

b) microwave
c) cable modem
d) DSL
e) ALU

Q.2. The capacity of a communication channel is measured in _

a) Bandwidth
b) Bit capacity
c) Baud rate
d) Data flow
e) Store data

Q.3. A relatively new technology that allows wireless connectivity:

a) Bluetooth
b) Black tooth
c) Blue band
d) Broadband
e) Wi- fi

Q.4. In MS-DOS 5.0, which is the number that acts as a code to uniquely identify the software product?

a) MS
b) DOS
d) 5
e) 4.2.0

Q.5. Which of the following controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer?

a) O/S
b) Motherboard
c) Platform
d) I/O gateway
e) None of these

Q.6. Which of the following is the process of transferring software programme from a secondary storage media into the hard disc?

a) Storage
b) Updating
c) Upload
d) installation
e) None of these

Q.7. For large network which topology is used?

a) Star
b) Ring
c) Bus
d) Mesh
e) None of these

Q.8. The time consumed by a piece of equipment’s operation is called

a) Access time
b) Real time
c) Live time
d) Effective tim
e) None of these

Q.9. The operating system is the most common type of __ software.

a) Communication
b) System software
c) Word-processing software
d) Spreadsheet software
e) None of these

Q.10. A VDU is used as

a) Input device only
b) Output device only
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) Neither (a) nor (b)
e) Voice data translation device only

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Q.1 d) DSL
Q.2 a) Bandwidth
Q.3 a) Bluetooth
Q.4 d) 5
Q.5 a) O/S
Q.6 d) installation
Q.7 d) Mesh
Q.8 d) Effective tim
Q.9 b) System software
Q.10 b) Output device only

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