Sandalwood Cultivation: If you are a unemployed youth then you are getting a golden opportunity to earn money. If you want to earn more in less money, then you have come up with a business plan with great profits. This is a business idea in which you can make tremendous profits by working a little hard.

sandalwood cultivation

This is the business of sandalwood cultivation. There is a lot of demand for this not only in our country but also abroad, a farmer benefits crores of rupees by cultivating sandalwood. By starting which you can also become a millionaire in a year. Let’s know how to earn money from sandalwood tree..

Sandalwood plant is in high demand in the market

Sandalwood has been used in our country since ancient times. Sandalwood is used for many things in the Ayurveda. Sandalwood is also used for making of medicines, apart from this, it is also used to make perfumes. Not only this, the demand for sandalwood is also very high in beauty products. This tree grows very well in South Indian soil, especially in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, and needs very little water.

It is necessary to benefit from this farming.

Since being so used, you can know how much you can benefit from the cultivation of sandalwood. You know that sandalwood is the most expensive in the market. Its market value ranges from around 26 thousand to 30 thousand rupees per kg. According to this, you can easily find 15 to 20 kg of wood from a tree. That is, from one tree, you will get a profit of 5 to 6 lakh rupees. However, at present, the government has banned the sale and purchase of sandalwood. In such a situation, only the government buys it.

Growing sandalwood by individuals was banned until 2002. Today, we can grow the trees but it is illegal to cut and harvest the wood, use it or sell it in the open market. Permission is required from the state forest department, which sends its officials to cut the tree and buy the sandalwood.

You don’t need much investment.

Growing these trees is quite easy. It requires good sunlight and tends to grow vertically, rather than in girth and reaches around 30 feet in height and 7 to 12 inches in diameter. It thus grows well in smaller spaces too. You will get sandalwood plant at just Rs.100 to Rs.130.

After planting this tree, you will not need any external protection for the first 8 years. Because until then there is no fragrance in it. But as soon as its wood starts to ripen, it starts smelling. Then you need tight security. For this, you must lay siege to the farm.

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