Computer Awareness Questions

Computer Awareness Questions and Quiz for Banking, IBPS, RRB, RBI, SBI, NABARD examinations. Computer awareness mcq and computer knowledge questions answers are important in ssc, upsc, ibps and competitive examination and entrance tests. These questions will help to increase your performance in computer awareness section.

Computer Awareness Questions


1. Time – sharing systems require:

a) a number of terminals connected to a system
b) memory protection mechanism to prevent a job’s instructions
c) job status preservation mechanism to preserve a job’s status
d) an alarm clock mechanism to send an interrupt
e) All of the above

2. Computers use the ____language to process data.

a) processing
b) kilobyte
c) binary
d) representational
e) None of these

3. By default, your document will print in __ mode

a) landscape
b) portrait
c) page setup
d) print view
e) None of these

4. Track ball is _.

a) Programming devices
b) Pointing device
c) Output device
d) Software device
e) Printing device

5. What is the meaning of page break up –

a) Page of document is break into small parts.
b) Next part of the document will be started on the new page.
c) Page of the document is break in small – 2 sentences.
d) Page of the document is break into small paragraph
e) None of these

6. _________ is a procedure that requires users to enter an identification code and a matching password

a) paging
b) logging on
c) time sharing
d) Multitasking
e) None of these

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7. Antivirus software is an example of…………………

a) business software
b) an operating system
c) a security utility
d) an office suite
e) None of these

8. Computer programs are written in a high-level programming language; however, the human-readable version of a program is called…………..

a) cache
b) instruction set
c) source code
d) word size
e) None of these

9. Which of the following refers to the memory in your computer?

a) RAM
b) DSL
c) USB
d) LAN
e) CPU

10. Information travels between components on the motherboard through

a) Flash memory
c) Bays
d) Buses
e) Peripherals


Q.1. e) All of the above
Q.2. c) binary
Q.3. b) portrait
Q.4. b) Pointing device
Q.5. b) Next part of the document will be started on the new page.
Q.6. b) logging on
Q.7. c) a security utility
Q.8. c) source code
Q.9. a) RAM
Q.10. d) Buses

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