Computer Awareness Questions and Quiz for Banking, IBPS, RRB, RBI, SBI, NABARD examinations. Computer awareness mcq and computer knowledge questions answers are important in ssc, upsc, ibps and competitive examination and entrance tests. These questions will help to increase your performance in computer awareness section.

1. What menu is selected to change the font and style?

a) Tools
b) File
c) Format
d) Edit
e) None of these

2. The process of starting the computer and loading of operating system programs for execution is known as

a) initialization
b) retrieving
c) loading
d) searching
e) booting

3. Primary memory is used by the:

a) user
b) input device
c) CPU
d) all of these
e) None of these

4. In a disk, each block of data is written into –

a) one sector
b) three sector
c) Two sectors
d) Two or more sectors
e) either two or three sectors:

5. The Pentium processor contains-

a) tens of thousands of transistors
b) hundred thousands of transistors
c) thousands of transistors
d) several millions of transistors
e) hundred transistors

6. __ was the precursor to internet as we know it today?

e) None of these

7. Which of the following is not an operating system?

a) DOS
b) Oracle
c) Linux
d) Windows
e) None of these

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8. In word, what combination of keys do you press to delete an entire word?

a) Ctrl + del
b) Alt + del
c) Shift + Backspace
d) Shift + Alt + del
e) None of these

9. Hardware that adds two numbers is:

a) the control unit
b) an internal CPU register
c) arithmetic Logic Unit
d) Browser
e) None of these

10. A small amount of memory included in the processor for high speed access id called-

a) Register
b) Cache
c) RAM
d) ROM
e) None of these


Q.1. c) Format
Q.2. e) booting
Q.3. c) CPU
Q.4. d) Two or more sectors
Q.5. d) several millions of transistors
Q.7. b) Oracle
Q.8. e) None of these
Q.9. c) arithmetic Logic Unit
Q.10. b) Cache

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