How to apply for PAN card online using Aadhaar Card

An Aadhaar card holder can now apply PAN card online, thanks to a new facility launched by the Income Tax Department. e-PAN is digitally signed PAN (Permanent Account Number) card issued in electronic format by the Income Tax department using Aadhaar e-KYC. Income tax department uses Aadhaar-based e-KYC for instant e-PAN allotment.

Aadhaar-based e-KYC (Know Your Customer) is an online service provided by UIDAI for verification of identity and address of Aadhaar holder. Aadhaar is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to a resident of India while Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a 10-digit alphanumeric number allotted by the income tax department to a person, firm or entity.

Applicants already having PAN should not apply for e-PAN, the tax department said. Individuals (other than minors) with a valid Aadhaar number (with active mobile number linked with Aadhaar) can avail the e-PAN allotment facility.

How to apply for e-PAN

The e-PAN facility is only for resident individuals (except minors) and not for Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), firms, trusts and companies etc, the tax department said. e-PAN is generated using details (such as name, date of birth, gender, address and mobile number) available in Aadhaar. (If these details are not correct, the person needs to update them first in Aadhaar before applying for e-PAN.)

The Aadhaar number can be used to authenticate and establish identity using electronic means multiple times, thus making the entire application process easier. In the same way, Aadhaar number can be used to apply for a PAN Card. In order to avail a PAN card through Aadhaar, the following are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1:

Visit the official website of UTI Infrastructure and Technology Services Limited and search for PAN card application page. To apply online click here. Alternately, you can visit the link Once you are one the page, click on Online Application for New PAN (Form 49AA).

PAN Registration Page
PAN Registration Page

Step 2:

Once you click on this link, you will be presented with these details which you need to fill and have to submit:

1. Application type
2. Category
3. Title
4. Last Name / Surname, First Name & Middle Name
5. Date of Birth / Incorporation / Formation (DD/MM/YYYY)
6. Email ID
7. Mobile Number
8. Captcha Code

Once you fill all the above details you have to click on submit.

Step 3:

Once you click on submit you will be redirected to next page where you can see the button Continue with PAN Application form click on it.

PAN Application

Step 4: Personal details

After clicking on Continue with PAN Application form you will be redirected to next page where you need to select Submit digitally through e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless) and select Yes on Whether Physical PAN Card is required.

PAN Application

In the next step you need to fill last four digit of your Aadhaar Card and select yes on I hereby agree that my photograph as available in Aadhaar shall be printed on the PAN Card.

PAN Application

After filled the details you need to verify the personal details and have to select the gender.

PAN Application

Then, if you ever been known by any other name then select “Yes” and filled that name. In case “No” Then continue to Details of Parents (Applicable only for Individual applicants) and filled all the details and click on Next.

PAN Application

Step 5: Contact & other details

After Successfully clicked on Next button the following details are required on next page.

1. Source of Income
2. Address for communication
3. Residence Address
4. Office Address
5. Telephone Number & Email ID details

PAN Card – Permanent Account Number

Important instructions for paperless PAN application through e-KYC (Only For Individual)- 

1. The address used in Aadhaar card would be used in PAN application as residence address and no need to fill residential address. 
2. PAN card will be dispatched at address mentioned in Aadhaar. 
3. If length of address as per Aadhaar database exceeds the length as specified by Income Tax Department then you will not be able to avail e-KYC service.

Step 6: AO Code

Now in the AO Code page you can find by selecting Indian Citizens followed by Select State and City then choose the AO Code and click on next.

PAN Application AO Code

Step 7:

Then in Documents submitted as Proof of Identity (POI), Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Date of Birth (DOB) page under Declaration page choose Himself/Herself and fill the place and click on submit.

PAN Application

Step 8:

After successfully submitted the application you need to fill the first eight digit of your Aadhaar card and verify all the details by scrolling down and click on Proceed.

PAN Application

After clicking on Proceed you will be redirected to payment page where you need to choose appropriate mode of payment and fill relevant details. Under terms of services select I agree to the terms of service and click on Proceed to Payment then click on Pay Confirm.

PAN Application Payment Page

Now you will be redirected to payment gateway page (If online mode), here you can choose the mode of payment then fill the details and click on make payment.

Step 8:

After successfully payment proceed further to Authenticate Aadhaar. Select use my Aadhaar details for e-Signing the PAN application and authenticate my identity through the Aadhaar Authentication system and click on Authenticate.

Now click on continue with e-KYC/e-Sign.

Once you click on continue with e-KYC/e-Sign an OTP will be send to the mobile number linked with Aadhaar, fill the OTP and click on Submit.

Now, you will be redirected to eSign Service page. Here you need to Enter Aadhaar Number / Virtual ID then select I hereby authorize NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL e-Gov) then click on Request OTP.

Now, fill the OTP and click on submit, PAN application process is complete and you will get the Acknowledgement.


If you have digitally signed your application using eSign/eKYC then there is no need to forward physical documents.

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