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New Delhi. The month of July is about to end and there are just counting days left in the coming of August, in the month of August, the bag of the central employees is going to be filled with happiness. In fact, the government can also factor in the fitment factor with DA for central employees. The employees’ unions have been demanding to increase the fitment factor for a long time, at present the government is giving the fitment factor to the employees to 2.57 per cent, while the union demands that it be increased to 3.68 per cent, if the government accepts the union, then the basic salary of the employees will be increased significantly.

What is the fitment factor called-

In fact, while determining the salary of the central employees, all their allowances such as DA, TA, House Rent Allowance called (HRA), are combined to decide the basic salary of the employee. The fitment factor is called this and on the basis of this, the basic salary of the employees is determined.

Now if the government increases the fitment factor from 2.57 per cent to 3.68 per cent, then the minimum salary, which is now 18,000, will increase to 26,000. That is, the basic salary will be increased by 8 thousand rupees.

Entry level salary:

If the basic salary is 7th On the basis of Pay Commission, multiply by the fitment factor i.e. 2.57 per cent i.e. the basic salary of an employee is 18,000, then the fitment factor will be Rs 46,200 except all the allowances when the fitment factor is multiplied by 2.57 per cent. If this fitment factor increases to 3.68 per cent, then there will be a tremendous increase in the basic salary of the employees.

Pensioners will benefit with millions of employees:

In view of the rising inflation figures, it is estimated that the government may increase the dearness allowance for central employees by 4-5 per cent this time. Let me tell you that no information has been given by the government yet, but if the government increases the allowance in view of the inflation, then 50 lakh employees and 65 lakh pensioners will get the benefit of it.

The remaining DA may also be paid:

It is also being speculated that the government can also pay the dearness allowance stopped in the corona period, from unconfirmed sources, it is also being reported that the government can give Rs 2 lakh which is stalled to the employees simultaneously, let us tell you that there is a long-standing demand for the outstanding DA from January 2020 to June 2021.

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